1 plus one = TEN, by award-winning author Kevin Daley, will transform your vision as a leader into a reality. Daley, a 10-year veteran and former leader of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters where he was known as "Special K", will help you lead your team to what seemed impossible. 1 plus one = TEN  will fundamentally change your thinking about leadership and will help you consciously motivate everyone around you to greatness.


Using what he’s learned in his amazing journey to more than 95 countries—from being born in Panama City, Panama to never stopping in his pursuit of basketball greatness and breaking records in corporate America—Kevin will exponentially multiply your team’s effectiveness by showing you how to make 1 plus one = TEN.


Daley will  coach you in his streamlined intense S.M.I.L.E.S. leadership formula by:


  • Walking you through the critical process of helping others own and contribute to your vision until it is their vision as well;
  • Radically expanding your thinking to make your vision impact the company, the industry and even the world; and
  • Using your own elite leadership style to produce new ideas, upgraded processes, team pride, loyalty and productivity that will set new company records


 1 plus one = TEN can be read in one evening, yet will produce a lifetime of elite leadership success, creating new and exciting opportunities for years to come.

1 plus one = TEN