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Readers Favorite Gold Medal winner, I Never Stopped Smiling is Kevin's uplifting and inspiring memoir of triumph after tragedy. His story shows that no matter where you begin, you can design a better ending. Through it all, Kevin reveals that no matter what the adversity, finding courage, staying positive, and determining your own destiny are the keys that will give you the power to succeed.


This trilogy combines Kevin’s autobiography, lessons he learns on his transformational journey and a chapter with his tips for anyone to achieve success in anything in life. His hope is to convince us that no matter what we do for a living somewhere we are inspiring someone and we can all achieve a life of health, happiness, abundance and success.


He writes with heartfelt passion, anguish, humor and insight as he describes his roller coaster ride. From his mother's suicide when he was only three, to leaving his beloved country of Panama and moving to the United States when he was twelve, to fighting off L.A. gangs, to incidence of injustice and intolerance, Kevin had every reason to quit. But he held steadfast and executed the plays to succeed. Kevin will keep you turning the pages in this fast-paced, adventure-filled, must-read memoir.

I Never Stopped Smiling

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