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As a result of his personal dedication, Kevin knows first-hand that his S.M.I.L.E.S. Leadership Formula works. He has applied these principles for years. He was promoted to a leadership position after only six months (a company record) in his first-ever corporate position after retiring from the Harlem Globetrotters and was promoted within eight months to another. Using the same principles he learned as an elite professional athlete and first-class leader, Kevin positioned himself to do what it took others a year and a half to accomplish within the same organization, and he can show you how!



Kevin is a sought-after leadership speaker with unmatched energy and a unique mixture of proficiency. With his can-do attitude and years of experience as an elite athlete, global entertainer, award-winning author, a humanitarian and successful businessman, Kevin offers your organization a one-of-a-kind experience that is both engaging and effective. 
When Kevin made the jump from sports to Corporate America, he broke company records becoming the fastest employee to become a senior in just six months. He now offers his combined experience of overcoming adversity, excelling in professional sports, and succeeding in Corporate America as the driving forces behind his determination and living his dreams. Kevin now shares the leadership lessons he’s learned from his successes and his adversities in his trademark S.M.I.L.E.S. Leadership Formula. 



Today’s employee wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves—something they can work towards to be better together and shine. Kevin will show you how to help your employees do just that. Using time-tested principles through unique storytelling and world-class entertaining skills, he inspires people to meet their goals and become the best leader they can be. 


To achieve peak performance in your organization, everyone from interns to executives must know how to work together. A Kevin Daley keynote or workshop can help you create a culture of connectivity and growth where retention reigns from leadership techniques that are tried and true. In an ever-shrinking world, with many corporations seeking the same talent and goals, your organization must shine to succeed. It has never been more important to attract and retain top talent, and Kevin knows the ins, outs, how to’s and why’s. Now is the time to grow your team and build loyalty throughout your organization by embarking on a new journey with an outstanding speaker and leader as your captain.


Kevin has developed top-notch programs to help drive your business and your teams to reach the goals in front of them and enjoy the path along the way, each one adaptable to fit your business model and needs. With a diverse background and a host of experiences, Kevin will draw from his unique past and tailor present-day appearances specifically for you. Your employees and your organization are distinct, so should your solutions be. 

Easy to Work With


Kevin spent a decade traveling the world entertaining and engaging people all over. The skillset that brought him to the top of that field still allows him to easily connect with his clients today. Give your audience an unparalleled, inspirational event, and give yourself the ease and joy of working with an accomplished professional who is not only experienced but relational.


Kevin’s former clients have called him captivating, inspirational, fun, professional and impactful. They have said working with him was easy, expeditious and beneficial. Find out firsthand for yourself. 




After traveling to over 95 countries and impacting millions of people as the leader of the world-renowned Harlem Globetrotters, Kevin has become an expert at working a crowd. Each day, each game, each audience was one of a kind, and Kevin made sure a fantastic time was had by all, whether a small group or an arena filled with fans. He will make sure your experience is fun and functional for all involved, too. This will be no lecture… no one-way class. Get ready to be drawn in. Connectivity is at the core of Kevin’s teachings, and he will captivate your team (his audience) when they encounter one of the most dynamic and motivational leadership experts the industry has to offer and the man behind the S.M.I.L.E.S. Leadership Formula. 




Not your typical leadership expert, Kevin offers your organization a unique and exciting background for your company function. He has visited 95 countries, spent a decade playing at the highest level of sports, is a world-renowned entertainer and is fluent in two languages. Life, however, hasn’t been all roses and basketballs for Kevin. He’s seen more than a fair share of hardships. He lost his mother to suicide at the age of three and moved to a new country several years later. Obstacles and adversity followed him through college. He never quit… not once gave up. Instead, he spent a lifetime studying successful people and achieving his goals. 


From the basketball court to the boardroom, Kevin has achieved success and now spends his time training, motivating and inspiring others to be the best leaders they can be. He has helped average Joe’s, corporate executives, organizations, and corporations around the world and can do the same for you with an unmatched level of excellence and expertise. Who better to help your organization—your team—than the ultimate team captain? 




As a child as young as six, Kevin was driven to succeed. During his childhood years, he would wait on a basketball court for New Year’s Eve, so he would be the first person to make a basket in the New Year at the stroke of midnight. He knew no one else in the world was working on their craft and he saw that as his advantage. That level of dedication is who he is, and it continues to grow today. 

Kevin has spent a lifetime facing challenges and not only overcoming them but also learning from and developing because of them. He will share his knowledge and leadership secrets with you and your organization to help you to face, overcome, learn from and develop because of yours, too! 

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